News Knowledge Economy: The Path to Speedy and High Quality Growth

Knowledge Economy: The Path to Speedy and High Quality Growth

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It is our vision to transform Pakistan into a rapidly developing Knowledge Economy. In this context, a National Seminar on “Knowledge Economy: The Path to Speedy and High Quality Growth” was held on 4 March,2020. The seminar consisted of two main sessions. Each session had three keynote speakers and following is the detail;

In the first session, Dr Atta ur Rahman, Ms Tania Aidrus and Mr Asad Umar were the keynote speakers

In the second session, Mr Tariq Banuri, Mr. Tariq Sayeed Saigol and Mr. Ameer Hassan were the keynote speakers.

All the events are recorded in detailed proceedings/reports which are printed and shared with internal and external stakeholders including key relevant public and private sector organizations. Since its founding NIPS has conducted collaborations/ liaised with think tanks and universities based in China, Russia, Italy, Indonesia, and the UK. NIPS has also initiated National Defence University of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) after due approval by Rector NUST. A duly approved concept paper outlining the proposed collaboration with NDU-KSA has been shared with them and the response is awaited. The proposed collaboration is envisioned as a long-term mutually beneficial comprehensive knowledge-based engagement with positive externalities for Pak-Saudi relationship.

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