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Articles and Opinion Papers

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Machiavelli is Good for Democracy by Ali Shah
205 KB
Lessons from the Past by Ali Shah
383 KB
Geopolitics of the Arctic by Dr Atia Ali Kazmi
408 KB
Dynamics of Nationbuilding - Are We in the Right Direction by Brig Amir Yaqub (Retd.)
121 KB
De-escalating U.S.-Iran Standoff by Dr Atia Ali Kazmi
235 KB
Countering the Strategy of Irrelevance by Ali Shah
384 KB
Cold War of the 21st Century by Dr Atia Ali Kazmi
122 KB
Can Donald Trump’s Recent Nuclear Arms Control Initiatives be Implemented? by Dr Vladimir Kozin
533 KB
5 Major Challenges before Pakistan's New Government by Ali Shah
203 KB
Understanding the Domestic Drivers of Hybrid War by Ali Shah
381 KB
Two Tasks of Leadership by Ali Shah
113 KB
The Consequences of Ignoring Realism by Ali Shah
465 KB
Shifting Geopolitics in the Arctic by Dr Atia Ali Kazmi
424 KB
Multi-domain Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic by Ali Shah
292 KB
Responsible Nuclear Behaviour and Kashmir by Dr Atia Ali Kazmi
196 KB
Pulwama Crisis Redux by Dr Atia Ali Kazmi
213 KB
A Glimpse of Belt & Road Initiative’s Regional Outreach By Dr Atia Ali Kazmi
45 KB
Reimagining the geography of development By Ali Shah
19 KB
How balance of power shapes the world by Ali Shah
21 KB
Shun power politics for sustainable development by Ali Shah
18 KB
India's Unilateralism in IHK by Dr Atia Ali Kazmi and Aysha Bilal
220 KB
Afghanistan at Crossroads Promise of Peace and Geopolitical Imperatives
5 MB